On this website I share my investigations into the practices and philosophies that help us….

  1. Develop well functioning bodies and minds.
  2. Build better models for thinking critically.
  3. Feel more satisfied with our lives.

About Tyler Watkins 

I was raised in a small, lower-middle class town in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I grew up, got a degree in Engineering, and spent my 20’s chasing money in the Oil and Gas Industry in dozens of countries on 4 continents.

At age 30, instead of continuing to climb the corporate ladder, I settled down on Florianopolis island in the south of Brazil where I’m currently raising a family, growing financial wealth, and exploring the most important ideas and practices for self-actualization I can find.

I search for Truly Practical Wisdom by studying the intersections of Science, Ancient Philosophy and Daily Lived Experience.

I split my time between:

  • Training Physical Skills: brazilian jiu-jitsu, dancing, acroyoga, strength training
  • Practicing Philosophy: reading the works of histories greatest thinkers like Seneca, Jung, and Frankl and implementing their advice
  • Studying Statistics and Decision Making: I’m a probability nerd and I have a masters degree in Data Science.

I take what I learn, and write about the most useful takeaways.

Feel free to contact me anytime.